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About Shelia T. Solomon

I am a WordPress developer designer (AKA Unicorn) local marketing consultant and business coach. I connect local business owners with customers in the way those customers are searching…I also help entrepreneurs and those who want to build their business from Idea to Implementation to Industry leader…my life goals are to help other people achieve their goals and dreams by way of self-employment and business ownership.

What Makes A Great Home Page?

Your website’s Home Page is its main page. It welcomes your visitors to your website and conveys who you are, what you do and what you have to offer. Most will visit this page first, so it’s very important that it’s effective and maximized. It should address your visitors’ questions and problems, and show them where to go for the solution they’re looking for.


A Great Home Page Is | An Expert’s Definition

Store windows are like landing pages on the website.

~ Angela Ahrendts


A Great Home Page Is | Compelling & Interactive

A Great Home Page is compelling. It makes a visitor want to stay and interact with it. It does this by speaking clearly to the visitor’s needs and expectations (what they expect when they click the link and come to your site). It says this clearly in the title or headline. It also lets the visitor know that yes, this is the right place (for example, it has the same logo as the video that links back to it).


 A Great Home Page Is | Organized & Attractive

A Great Home Page is well organized and pleasing to the eye. It is easy to take everything in at a glance. It’s good to have different media and features, but they shouldn’t be distracting. Ensure that your Home Page is uncluttered. Your message to the visitor should be at the forefront.


 A Great Home Page Is | Clear Navigation

Being well organized also means that navigation is clear. Your Home Page describes your entire website’s other pages and ensures your visitor understands how to get to them.


A Great Home Page Is | A Dynamic & Engaging

Your Home Page should be dynamic. It should include updates, news, announcements, and the latest changes. Fresh content gives visitors a reason to bookmark and return.


A Great Home Page Is | Business Goal Advanced

You may offer some kind of content on your Home Page. For example, you might have an information product for download. Some websites put a freebie on their Home Page in order to sign up visitors to their email list. The Home Page is often the most visited page, so it’s a good opportunity. The content here could be an eBook, a podcast, templates or tools, a resource list, exclusive membership, or anything else. Building a list of potential customers that you can contact at will advances your business goals.

A Great Home Page Is | Questions Answered

The purpose of Your Home Page content is to answer basic questions and steer your visitor in the direction that you want them to go in. Start by stating clearly, who you are and what you do.

A Great Home Page Is | Device Responsive

Mobile responsive design is imperative for your Home Page. Did you know that the use of the mobile web is on the rise? According to, the percentage of people accessing the internet on mobile continues to grow exponentially. Make sure that your website is viewable

A Great Home Page Is | Search Engine Friendly

Dynamic content also offers SEO benefits. The search engines favor sites with ever-changing content. Change content on your Home Page according to customer needs. For example, if there’s a question, many customers have been asking you recently; provide an answer on your Home Page. Be sure to link to your new blog posts; too.

Would You Like To Learn More?

If you are ready to build a winning Home Page that captivates your customers, and assures them that you are the only solution provider they need, join our course Creating Strategic Website Content For Creative Entrepreneurs.

What is your definition of a great home page?

What do you consider to be a great home page? Will you share a home page that has had a powerful impact on you? How about one that really didn’t meet the mark? Do you have any questions regarding content for or the design of your home page? Thanks in advance for sharing!